About company

«PORT SERVICE Ltd. ” was formed at 28.08.2002 year. An overview of the enterprise is clear from the restructuring scheme.

The main areas of development organizations, is the maintenance of marine vessels and river fleet, namely:
• re, testing and repair of emergency rescue and fire-protective equipment, inspection and maintenance of shipboard radio and navigation equipment for the Specialized station;
• logistics, excluding food and bunkering;
• Organizing and conducting urgent repairs marine equipment between ships berthing at the ports of Kaliningrad region on the loading and unloading operations.

The company from the early days of education as actively cooperating with the major local and shipping companies and ship owners from Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, etc.

The organization is located at: Amman «Pravaia naberejnaia» str. House 3. Location chosen in close proximity to the port, for the most rapid and efficient processing as a consequence of applications courts. Offices occupy an area of 69.6 square km. m, production (Specialized station) 350 sq. km. m. The company also has an adequate fleet of vehicles for the delivery of supplies, namely, 4 and 3 cars minibus. On the whole, there are vehicles pass ports and port area (Kaliningrad sea fishing port, Kaliningrad sea port, PSA “Amber”, “Plant Pregol”) in order to provide maximum customer service, and the export delivery of shipboard equipment and supplies. Office premises equipped with modern computers (software license), and peripherals, internet and e-mail address. There is registered to organize telephone, fax, copier. All staff have mobile phones business. Specialized connected has a full range of necessary equipment and materials for production. Storage rooms are equipped with appropriate storage assets excluding its damage. At warehouses have sufficient range and the number of assets, materials for rapid delivery of its customer.

The team consists of 24 business people, each of whom has the relevant education and experience in the fields of activity of the claimed 2 – and more years. It is important to note that, at this time, is the only company in the area with the appropriate legal authority to the manufacturer for the right to plant repairs, inspections and the work of destruction deviation magnetic compasses. The entire staff of the organization is banned from entering the territory of the Kaliningrad port and region., Passes on the right of visits by foreign ships.

Given that the administration has many years of experience in these areas, LLC “PORT Service” – dynamically developing enterprise with its development programme (business plan) to increase the range of works and services. As a planned increase in the enterprise.
Due to the particular location of the Kaliningrad region has many years of experience working with manufacturers factories located on the mainland of Russia and foreign countries. In connection with this scheme work fast and effective delivery of the product quality and quantity. Concluded a contract for the supply of goods from factories producing dealership contract, the contract with the transport organizations.
The company maintains financial activities based on the use of their own resources and punctually performing items treaties concerning payment of works, goods and services. Thus, the created image of a stable operating company and the confidence of plants manufacturers, suppliers and customers. In so doing, it is possible to predict the actual delivery of a client’s property in his absence for one reason or another in a warehouse.