Welcome to the site PORT SERVICE LTD.
Dear Friends, we would like to welcome you at the site of our company. The Port-Service Ltd, the company specialized in service of vessels was established in 2002 in Kalininrad, Russia, whose experienced and trained staff of 25 persons provide various services, needed for safe sailing of every vessel.

As a proof of our constant efforts in mantaining quality of service and understanding the needs of our customers, we are proud to inform you about recent recognition of our? company by Germanischer Lloyd in the field of service of marine radio-electronics and fire-fighting equipment. Our full range of services includes: Installation, repair and survey of GMDSS and radio-navigational equipment (exclusively being the SBM-center for JOTRON and McMurdo EPIRBS, installation and APT of Kelvin Hughes S-VDR).

JOTRON SBM PROVIDER, McMurdo SBM PROVIDER Service, survey and repair of navigational equipment, including certified adjustment of magnetic compass. Testing and survey and supply of full range of fire-fighting equipment, including check of weight and level CO2 in cylinders of ship fire-station Manufacturing and testing of pilot and embarkation ladders.

Supply and annual testing of life-jackets, life-buoys and other means of vessel’s life-saving equipment (this services are recognized by DNV and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) Professional technical supply for vessel’s engine and deck stores Experienced short-term and mobile vessel’s repair works All these works are provided in whole area of Kaliningrad region, including ports Svetly, Baltiysk, Pionersk with base facilities of 570 m2 in Kaliningrad, near the Torgoviy and Rybniy port.

The specialists have own transport (four vans) and are ready to provide? transportation of vessel’s goods to base premises for service. All specialists have needed permissions for entry to ports, ship-yards and vessels under foreign flags. As a recognition of stability of quality the company has long partner and commercial relationships with major agents and shipowners companies, including “Palmali”, “INOK”, “ORION”, “Volga-Neva”, “Western Shipping Company”, etc. We hope this information will be valuable for your current and future plans.

With respect, general manager of the Port-Service Ltd. Vasilyuk Sergey